There is only one secret behind a great wine: an exceptional grape

Giorgio Rivetti

We firmly believe that in order to obtain great results, our vineyards must be our priority, we must treat them with extreme dedication, attention and respect.

Respecting these vineyards means to acknowledge that these vineyards existed before we began to farm them and with the right attention, namely organic farming, they will continue after we cease to cultivate them. 

Il vigneto Valeirano

We, as farmers, have a very strong bond to our land and viticulture.

We appreciate our older vines as we believe that they have a deep connection with our land. We know that while these plants generate less fruit, the fruit they do produce offers more complexity and concentrated flavors to wines. These older vines have the ability to transmit their micro-climate and terroir’s exceptional complexity and consistency to the wines.

Our high regard for the soil, micro-climate, and the origin of the grapes.

This leads us to promote the cultivation of indigenous varietals. These indigenous grapes make wines that showcase and reflect their unique place.

Eleonora Rivetti
Giorgio Rivetti

We believe in the importance of low yields in the vineyards. During the summer, generally between July and August, we do a “green harvest”.

We cut some of the grape bunches that are still unripe. We do this to reduce the production which will in turn ensure that the plant’s few selected clusters will fully obtain the characteristics and the identity of the soil.  Our yields never exceed 1.600 bottles per acre.

We believe that a farmer’s success lies in his proficiency to adapt to climate change.

We rely on our experience to determine when to harvest the various vineyards; this results in wines with unique identity and great balance.

Il test dell'acino