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One Liter Club

The idea that sparked the creation of this Club

Years ago, it was common practice in Piedmont to bottle wines in one-liter formats. As the sales grew internationally the industry moved its focus from the one-liter to the 750 ml bottle. The 750ml is now the international standard.

After much thought, we decided it was time to reintroduce the one-liter format back into the market. Determined to put this initiative forward, we decided to forge a special club,  One Liter Club.

This Club is dedicated to wine lovers from all around the world, who find great pleasure in enjoying great wines. Nowadays, organizing large family gatherings and preparing home-cooked meals combined with great wines is the trend. True wine lovers often run into a reoccurring problem: they open up a very special bottle of wine, but sadly midway through the meal the bottle is already finished. Opening another bottle may seem excessive while switching to another wine may seem like too much of a hassle. And so, we thought of a simple solution: the One-Liter Club!

La Spinetta - One Liter Club

How to become a member

Those who believe that a 750ml La Spinetta bottle is simply too small, yet the Magnum may seem too much should become a part of our club.

This club is only for private consumers (this is not for the trade) it is completely free with no minimum purchase required. You can register in person while visiting one of our wineries or you may send an email to

As a member of the One Liter Club, you will receive a periodic newsletter via email, which will keep you updated on what is happening in and around la Spinetta and in the Langhe as well as provide you with insights on our philosophy. It is truly a pleasure and honor for us to stay in contact with those who truly love our wines. Members will have an opportunity to be invited to our exclusive One-Liter Club events which are organized at least once a year in one of our beautiful wineries.

Soon we will announce our One-Liter Club app that will offer Club members a chance to chat with one another, sharing and uploading information such as tasting notes, photos, or even to speak with us directly.

How to place an order for the One-Liter Format

The One-Liter Club offerings include the best vintages of the single vineyard Barbaresco (Gallina, Starderi, Valeirano), Barolo Campè, Pin, Barbera d’Asti Bionzo, Barbera d’Alba Gallina, Timorasso, Langhe Bianco and the Chardonnay Lidia.

To place an order, simply send an email to Anja at indicating which wines you are interested in purchasing. If, on the other hand, you would like to reserve a specific wine even before it is put on the market, we will gladly assist and set aside the desired quantity. (Please note this may require a small deposit)

Shipping or picking up directly at the winery

You can pick up your wines during a winery visit. It would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know us in person as well learning how we transfer our philosophy of “making wines with passion” into reality.

Anja will happily organize a visit for you at La Spinetta and Contratto wineries.

Alternatively, we would be happy to ship our wines via FedEx, UPS or DHL. Shipping costs may vary according to the various distance and local import/tax laws. We can provide you with a quotation upon request. Whenever possible, we do our best to support your order by covering part of the shipping costs, or by paying them in full.

Shipping within Europe


Shipping to the United States, Switzerland and overseas

Due to the remarkably high shipping costs for these destinations, our participation will be less than that set within the European Union. We are able to give a 10% discount in support of the shipping costs.


The liter bottles are packaged in either individual or 3-bottle wooden cases. Should the bottles be shipped outside Europe we recommend shipping in cardboard or polystyrene packaging instead of wood as it helps limit the shipping costs.

Payment methods

We accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, or through bank transfers. In all cases, payment must be finalized before shipping can occur.


The members will regularly receive a newsletter with information on the company and what is happening in the Langhe, we are happy to stay in touch with those who love our wines.

In addition, the newsletter provides information on:

  • any new laws and regulations on wine production in Piedmont
  • the thought of the protagonists of the world of wine
  • news about Restaurants, Hotel, B&B, Wine bars
  • announces rotating events related to the world of food/wine
  • news at LA SPINETTA, new wines, projects, ideas
  • recipes to revive the family tradition with Giovanna Rivetti

Newsletter list



If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, please send an email to

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