Our People

Everybody at LA SPINETTA is a bit of a wine enthusiast...

Those who choose to work in the world of wine tend to follow a passsion rather than simply carry out a job to pay the bills. And so, everybody at LA SPINETTA is a little bit of a wine enthusiast, Rivetti or non-Rivetti, everybody is dedicated to making great wines with passion and understanding, living the philosophy that lies behind each of the wines LA SPINETTA produces.

- LA SPINETTA employs 65 people full-time, 50 of which are vineyard workers

- the winery is 100% family-owned; the owners are Bruno, Carlo and Giorgio Rivetti

- the leading winemaker is Giorgio Rivetti

- assistant wine makers are Andrea Rivetti, Stephan Mazetta and Mirko Bessi

- Carlo, Marco, Eleonora and Giovanna Rivetti supervise the work in the vineyards

- Bruno Rivetti is responsible for the olive oil production, from the olive grove to the final product

- Natalia Rocca handles the logistics and paper work of all shipments and Daniela and Mirella take care of accounting

- Anja Cramer is responsible for Export in Europe and the US and oversees Marketing and PR

- Manuela Rivetti looks after Italian Sales and winery visits supported by the alays smiling Mio

- Luca Cigliuti follows Sales for Asia and South America sales

- Giovanna Rivetti is our in-house Chef, recreating the traditional Piedmontese recipes she learned from her mother

- about 50 vineyard workers, most of whom have been with LA SPINETTA many years, follow the year-round work in the vineyard

LA SPINETTA S.S. / Via Annunziata 17 / 14054 Castagnole Lanze / Tel: 0141 877396 / info@la-spinetta.com