Our Olive Oil

Olive Oil from Casanova...

Our olive oil is produced according to the same philosophy we apply to our wines: the quality of the fruit matters above all else.

The exceptional quality of our olive oil can be chiefly attributed to the meticulous attention and care taken in the olive groves, but the old age of trees, excellent soil conditions, particular climate and exposure are also extremely important.

In the fullest respect of nature and of our environment, we do not use any chemical products, pesticides in cultivation of our olives. Our objective is to make an excellent, healthy olive oil using traditional methods with quality always taking precedence over quantity.

The taste and the color of the oil, as well as the quantity of olives produced, change from year to year. Many different factors influence the olive oil production, most of which are not controllable by man. Climatic conditions, seasons and temperature are beyond our control and thus we can only appreciate the unique and varying character they contribute to our oil.

Following a relatively early harvest, the olives are taken immediately to the winery, where they are cold pressed on site at a temperature of 25 to 27 C (77-80 F).

The moment of harvest is essential to the quality of the oil. The later the olives are picked, the riper they will be and thus production is increased. An increase in production, however, often translates into a loss in quality of the fruit, which is why we pick ur olives as early asa possible. olives will be.

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Below you will see how we make our olive oil; a simple process from the single olive to the final product.

Olives are hand picked very early in the ripening stage in order to maintain quality.

Harvested olives are positioned on special nets.

All remaining leaves rae removed.

Olives are washed.

The olives are cut by sharp plates instead of being crushed, as crushing would create too much heat.

After cutting and before cold pressing, a machine circulates the olive pieces, transforming them into a paste.

Final product.

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