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The idea behind the One Liter Club ...

Years ago, it was common practice in Piedmont to bottle wines in one liter bottles. Over time, the however, this one-liter format was used less and less and eventually all but forgotten. The European glass industry focused instead on the 750 ml bottle as the standard format.

After much consideration, we decided to reintroduce this special format going against today's current trends. We wanted to take this initiative one step further, creating a special club, the La Spinetta One Liter Club.

This Club is dedicated to wine lovers around the globe who enjoy drinking great wines.

The occasion for large family dinners nowadays are rare. Today, many family dinners include just two adults, or in any case two persons who enjoy eating at home and opening a bottle of great wine. Home-cooked meals paired with an excellent bottle of wine are becoming the new "fine dining" trend.

However, real wine lovers oftentimes run into a problem: they would like to open a very special bottle of wine with a home-cooked meal, but halfway through the meal, the bottle is already finished...

To open a second bottle of this special wine (if they still have a second bottle!) may seem exaggerated, and to switch to a different wine seems difficult.

The solution to the problem: a one-liter bottle like they used to make!

Becoming a member

Anyone who feels that a La Spinetta 750 ml bottle is just a bit too small, but that a Magnum is just a bit too big should join our club.

Only private consumers (no trade) are eligible to sign up for membership. Membership is completely free of charge and there are no purchase requirements.

To request a membership, simply sign up when visiting one of our wineries or send an e-mail to:


As a member of the One Liter Club you will receive a newsletter via e-mail four times a year keeping you up to date about what is going on at La Spinetta and in the Langhe and providing a bit more insight into our philosophy so you can get to know us better. It is truly a pleasure for us to remain in close contact to the people who love our wines.

The OLC newsletter:

- Keeps you informed regarding any new laws and regulations concerning Piedmont wine making
- Covers what is new in the Piedmont wine world (producers, press, etc.)
- Provides insights from somebody in the world of wine
- Allows Giorgio Rivetti to discuss talk his philosophy
- Keeps you up to date on what is new in the area (restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, wine bars,etc.)
- Tells you what is going on at La Spinetta
- Shares cooking recipes from Giovanna Rivetti
- Announces interesting One Liter Club and La Spinetta events around the world or at our wineries

Following is a list of published OLC newsletters...

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To cancel the newsletter please contact

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