One Liter Club

How to order One Liter Formats

This special format is available for Club members only, and is not sold outside the Club. In very good vintages, our Cru Barbarescos, Barolo Campè, Pin and two Cru Barberas will be bottled in the exclusive One Liter format. The first vintage we bottled in this format was the 2006 for Barolo and 2007 for the Barbarescos, Pin, Barbera Gallina and Barbera Bionzo. Vintage availability varies -- some vintages are rather limited while others are more plentiful. Please request an updated availability and price list from Anja:

Available wines:

Barolo Campè 2006
Barolo Campè 2007
Barolo Campè 2008
Barolo Campè 2009
Barolo Campè 2010
Barolo Campè 2011

Barbaresco Gallina 2007
Barbaresco Gallina 2008
Barbaresco Gallina 2009
Barbaresco Gallina 2010
Barbaresco Gallina 2011
Barbaresco Gallina 2012

Barbaresco Starderi 2007
Barbaresco Starderi 2008
Barbaresco Starderi 2009
Barbaresco Starderi 2010
Barbaresco Starderi 2011
Barbaresco Starderi 2012

Barbaresco Valeirano 2007
Barbaresco Valeirano 2008
Barbaresco Valeirano 2009
Barbaresco Valeirano 2010
Barbaresco Valeirano 2011
Barbaresco Valeirano 2012

Pin 2007
Pin 2008
Pin 2009
Pin 2010
Pin 2011
Pin 2012

Barbera Gallina 2007
Barbera Gallina 2008
Barbera Gallina 2009
Barbera Gallina 2010
Barbera Gallina 2011
Barbera Gallina 2012

Barbera Bionzo 2007
Barbera Bionzo 2008
Barbera Bionzo 2009
Barbera Bionzo 2010
Barbera Bionzo 2011
Barbera Bionzo 2012

Prices and how to order

Prices vary depending on the wine and the vintage. Please request an updated availability and price list.

To order wine, simply e-mail Anja indicating which wines you would like to purchase. We will respond to your request with a detailed order confirmation. If you wish to reserve a certain wine and quantity before the wine is released, we will be happy to set the wine aside for you when it becomes available -- this may require a small deposit.

Shipping your order or picking it up directly from our cellar

We are always happy if you can combine a winery visit with a One Liter order. On one hand, it’s great because the wines can travel home in good hands (yours!), but, most importantly, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to extend our personal contact with you -- we love to show you more about what is behind "making wines with passion." Anja will be pleased to arrange a winery visit for you at La Spinetta and/or Contratto.

If, however, you’d like to order our wines and cannot pick them up personally, we will be happy to ship the wines to you via FedEx, UPS or DHL. Shipping costs vary greatly depending on the shipping distance and local import and tax laws. We can send you a quote upon request.

Free Shipping

When possible, we like to support your order by covering a portion of shipping costs or even paying for them entirely.


SHIPPING TO USA, CH & OVERSEAS: Due to considerably higher shipping costs to these destinations, La Spinetta's participation will be inferior to that within the European Union. To support your order, we grant a 10% discount to your order paid towards the shipping costs.


We can offer beautiful, wooden single cases or wooden three-packs for the One Liter bottles. However, if shipping, we recommend packing the One Liters in carton/styrofoam, as it helps keep shipping costs reasonable.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa and MasterCard payments. Most of our members, however, prefer making a bank transfer. In either case, payment must be completed prior to shipment.

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